Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Gender Reveal

It's the new fad.  But there is a was SOO much FUN!!!  Thanks to Pinterest, planning was super easy, the only tricky part...not telling anyone what we were having!!!

We decided to go ahead and find out before the party.  End of year at school is hectic and I procrastinated getting a cake booked.  So I would need to make our own cake.

We went to the sonogram dr on Monday morning.  We had to wait a while to actually be seen so the anticipation was driving us crazy.  When we finally got to the room, the dr asked us right away if we were going to find out the gender of the baby...YES was all i could say.  As soon as they put the stick thing on my tummy we could tell right away!  Baby was in the perfect position.  The dr said everything looked great on the sonogram.  So we went to eat lunch with my mom and dad.

I then had to go back to school for the afternoon but i did FANTASTIC and did not give any hints to ANYONE!!  I think bets were being placed that i would slip.  But i was determined.  We had to continue to keep our lips sealed until Saturday.  It ended up not being too school we were getting things finished and rooms packed up for summer.  At home we had just ripped out carpet and put in laminate floors and painted the living room.  A lot of work had to be done before Saturday....we were BUSY!

But Saturday finally came!  Here are some pictures from that night.

Guests chose a lei to cast their vote...we gave them some pointers to help them out as well.

Team Pink

Team Blue

Instead of a guest book, we had a baby book to sign.


And for some reason I am missing the inside of the cake but it was BLUE!!!!

Friends and Family

Thank you everyone that came and shared our excitement!  We were beyond blessed with the LOVE in our home!  Next task...naming this little boy of ours!! :)


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