Sunday, July 15, 2012


Well I have battled for a while to sell our glider and ottoman for several reasons. For one, it was too $$$$ to get reupholstered; two, it was a little big for the room; and three, I wanted something a little more gender neutral. We originally bought it from a friend and other than I was way too indecisive there was nothing wrong with it. But after weeks of going back and forth I found exactly what I needed (for free shipping). So, yesterday I posted it to Craig's List and bought the new one. M was hesitant to buy a new one so soon without knowing if we could sell but I knew that it was a great glider and it would happen!! Well, little did I know that it would happen so fast. This morning I received 4 interested buyers. The third person called and said she was very interested as long as she could come today at 6!! How was I to say NO? So 6:00 came around and there was a cute couple with a little boy at our door. They were very friendly people from Clyde, America. Martin mentioned that we had a boy on the way and she proceeded to ask some questions. Like, how far along I was (28 wks), have we had any sonograms (yes, 1), have we had a 3D/4D sonogram (no, I wish). After some more chatting, she offered for us to come in and have a 3D/4D sonogram......for FREE!!!!!!! Ya I couldn't believe it either. She also said we can bring family!!!! They were so nice and friendly. I found myself back in the house, speechless and shaking. I just couldn't quite get over how nice they had been. They didn't HAVE to do that, they wanted to. I still am in shock. So our appointment is tomorrow night!!! Ya so quick, I know!! We will definitely be getting them a little thank you gift!!! --- I've been struggling on what to post lately. I've wanted to keep up with my weekly posts. And I will. I kind of feel though as it sometimes is read in a negative way and I don't ever want to come across that way. Pregnancy has been the biggest blessing and I have enjoyed every minute of it. I have blogged this process to write down the facts. Not to complain or sound ungrateful. Anyways, I'll be back soon blogging about this baby boy who is already bringing smiles to our faces and makes us laugh every single day. Hillary-Signature

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